Luka Barlow is a tattoo artist with a classical drawing and painting background from Laguna College of Art + Design.  When they were little, Luka wanted to be a veterinarian, marine biologist, medical/scientific illustrator, and forensic pathologist.  They have since managed to merge their simultaneous interests in organic creatures, art, science, and cutting people open into tattooing.  Luka apprenticed at Black Tie Affair Tattoo in Long Beach.

Along with tattooing, Luka is a muralist and painter, and conservation artist.  They strive to make their booth a safe space for female-identifying and/or LGBTQIAA+ individuals who want tattoos from a queer and/or trans artist.  They provide free cover-ups to individuals with tattoos associated with neo-nazi factions, as they are Jewish, as well as the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor.  They also do free small memorial tattoos for family members of suicide victims.

In their spare time, Luka likes to sketch at the zoo, feed animals at the zoo, make out with their girlfriend at the zoo, and drink beer at the zoo.  

Luka resides in Columbus, and tattoos across the country.